Vacant Home Staging Before and After Slideshow

In a vacant home, buyers more easily notice imperfections instead of seeing a home’s true potential…and only 10% of people seeing your home can envision the purpose of each room and foresee themselves in the home.  In this slideshow, you will see how The Nest Design left nothing to chance and  realized a vision for each room.  We made this house into a warm, inviting home with a function for each room, a space for every need.  An offer was accepted in less than 6 weeks!


We have gathered some testimonials recently…  Enjoy!

“Gwen transformed my home in less than a week.  After her staging, inquiries increased threefold.  Brokers who saw the house, before and after staging, all said it was a huge improvement and would doubtlessly improve my chances of selling my house.  I would strongly recommend Gwen’s services if you are serious about selling your house.  She was a pleasure to work with and a real professional.”  -Eric Glass, Homeowner


“I am so pleased with Gwen’s excellent and professional home staging and design that she realized to sell my house . Gwen has done a work of art here in my home.  Her planning for the investment and time frame to accomplish this huge project was made efficiently and within the limits of my time and budget. I am so thankful because the results are so beautiful and it is a big “WOW”.  I am feeling so comfortable in my home now that I will have a problem in letting it go. I really think that this investment was hundred percent worth the effort. Thanks again to Gwen and I will not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. I  wish her all the success.”  -Danielle Soogree, Homeowner