Home Staging

Do you want your listing to burst from the gates running?  Do you want to have the best chance of selling at an optimum list price?  Do you want to have an edge over other homes on the market?  Stage first!

Or, maybe your home has been lingering on the market with no offers.  The alternative to price reduction is Home Staging.  We understand that most potential buyers form an opinion within 10 seconds of entering a home.  We know just how to make that crucial first impression.  We will make your home stand out from the competition and ensure a speedy, top-dollar sale!

At The Nest Design, we offer hands on, full service Home Staging for both occupied and vacant homes.  


Occupied Home Staging

Full Day Home Staging $600

  • Using our “buyer’s eyes” and an expert knowledge of the principles of good design, we walk through your home and create a precise plan for the day.
  • We then roll up our sleeves and using your existing furniture and accessories, we make dramatic transformations to the interior and exterior of your home.
  • We depersonalize, declutter and neutralize each space for a broader appeal to buyers
  • We determine which furnishings and belongings should be removed and assist you in packing and organizing for storage.
  • Based upon your time and budget, we make a list of necessary cosmetic updates and items needed to complete our vision.  We will only make recommendations that we believe will lead to a return on your investment.  We then coordinate with vendors and facilitate work at your property.
  • We offer a 20 minute plan that you can execute to get your home in tip top shape for surprise showings.  Also, we offer weekly staging maintenance if needed at a cost of $80/hr.

Half Day Home Staging $350

  • This service is for those homes that need just a little extra attention and expertise.  Or perhaps your home only needs help in a certain area.
  • Working from our 8 step action plan, we use existing furnishings and accessories to make dramatic transformations to your home.
  • If more work needs to be done and you are able to complete the project on your own, we can deliver a complete DIY report at an additional cost of $150, which if followed, will make a huge difference in the value of your home.

One Hour of Home Staging $80

  • We are available for Home Staging or Redesign services by the hour as needed

    Vacant Home Staging

    It is even more critical to stage a vacant home than a furnished one.  Listing photos of 4 blank walls do not bring in showings.  And during a showing when a buyer cannot see the scale or usage of a space, they may choose to simply move on to the next home.  Our goal is to add just enough in terms of furnishings and decor to give the space a warm, open, stylish and comfortable feel.  This will give buyers a frame of reference, fuel their imagination and allow them to envision their life in the home.  Here is our vacant home staging process and pricing.   This is our specialty.  We handle everything from start to finish.  And we can offer discounts, work with what you have and cater our services to your budget.

    • Furniture/Accessory Rental:
      •  0-1000 Sq Ft  $700/Month
      • 1000-2000 Sq Ft  $900/Month
      • 2000-3000 Sq Ft   $1200/Month
      • 3000-Above  $1400/Month
      • Installation/Destage Labor and Movers additional
    • Initial Consultation  The Nest Design meets with the home sellers and real estate agent, goes over the process, the budget and reviews the home.  During this time we will be taking lots of pictures, diagrams and measurements as well as brainstorming on every furniture piece, accessory and detail needed to complete the home.  We will also decide which areas are necessary be staged to sell the home, giving the best possible value to homeowner.
    •  Furniture Planning  – When the homeowner decides to proceed, THE NEST DESIGN refers to photos and measurements and chooses from our diverse inventory pieces that will fit the scale, style and purpose of each room to be staged in the home.
    • Moving Day  – THE NEST DESIGN and movers arrive at the home.  Gwen directs movers as to location of larger furniture pieces.  We are prepared with a multitude of accessories in the form of bed linens, artwork, plants, trees, table décor, pillows, throws, light furniture, rugs, lamps  and additional pieces.  THE NEST DESIGN  will then spend an additional day of installing artwork, smaller pieces and adding accessories in order to finish the “look.”  At the end of the second day, the home will be photo and show ready.
    • Sold!  –  When all inspections are complete and the house is in contract, we will then meet with the furniture movers and spend a day de-staging the home. **We highly recommend keeping the home staged until contracts are signed.

    Home Staging or Redesign