Since no home is alike, The Nest Design meets with you to assess your home and its particular staging needs.  We make a proposal and determine together which of our services would be most beneficial to you.  A full credit goes towards any future staging service if decided upon on the day of our consultation.

Complete Consultation $325

  • We meet with you and discuss your goals, expectations, and how to receive the maximum return on investment for your home improvement dollars.
  • We review our eight-step, home staging process while walking through the home as a buyer would and gather those all-important first impressions.
  • Working together, we roll up our sleeves and spend a couple hours staging the main areas of the home in order to give you a visual of how to transform spaces.
  • At the end of this time, we go through the home with you and fill out THE NEST DESIGN Action Plan, so you can complete the look on your own.  The Action Plan will detail the cosmetic improvements recommended, paint color choices, suggested additional accessory purchases and details on what to do in the rooms we were unable to cover.
  • We take some gorgeous photos for you and your agent to use in your marketing efforts.
  • Fine tuning services are available.

Walk and Talk Consultation $175

  • We walk through your home with you and assess each room while you take notes.
  • Using our 8 step process of home staging, we look at each room with a buyer’s perspective.
  • We discuss your home’s strong points and provide specific direction on how to improve upon these strengths.
  • We follow up a week later to determine if you would require a day of refinement or high res photos for your listing.

DIY Report $150

  • Our DIY Report is for homes that are well on their way to being staged and just need a little extra direction.
  • We photograph each space as a reference for our report.
  • We complete a written DIY Report including a 10-page Action Plan and email it to you within 48 hours.  This customized, photo-filled report focuses on the most important things the seller should do right away to increase the value of their home and obtain a faster sale.  We also email you “Do-It-Yourself” guides for projects that will make a dramatic difference in the value of your home.
  • We provide you with a Recommended Vendor list of discounts and providers.
  • We follow up a week later to determine if you would require a day of refinement or high res photos for your listing.