Inventory Rental

At The Nest Design, we have an arsenal of furnishings and accessories for rent.  We assess the architecture of your home and determine what style will best compliment each space.  We provide staging for any style home, from Traditional to Modern.  We plan, research, carefully choose, move in and place each piece.  We will not rest until the desired look is complete. With choice accessories, we create emotional connection points with buyers.  Something as simple as a strategically placed staging tray can cause a positive emotional reaction and even lead to an offer!  We understand the buyer demographic in your area and can choose furniture and accessories that will make a direct connection with your target market.

Furniture and Accessory Rental

  • $700/month for up to 1000 sq feet
  • $900/month for up to 2000 sq feet
  • $1200/month for up to 3000 sq feet
  • $1400/month for 3000 sq feet and above

We are the Hudson Valley’s leading provider of furniture for rent.  We offer full service staging and also are able to rent single pieces.  We have a vast inventory of furnishings in countess styles.  For example:

…and everything in between!  We customize each design to fit the architecture and layout of your particular home.    Our attention to detail sets us apart from the competition and the results we achieve will set your listing apart from other homes on the market.

Accessory Rental  

  • $300/month for up to 2000 sq feet
  • $500/month for up to 3000 sq feet
  • $700/month for 3000 sq feet and above

We provide furniture and accessories for your entire home.  If you only require a few items, accessories are available at $50 each/month.  Below is an example:


Plates, Bowls, Platters, Placemats, Table Runners, Napkins, Silverware, Water Glasses, Wine Glasses, Vases, Coffe and Tea Cups, Mugs, Cookbook Displays…


Pillows, Sheets, Blankets, Comforters, Quilts, Throws, Throw Pillows, Bedskirts…



Towels, Hand Towels, Washcloths, Soaps, Jars, Spa Items, Laundry Baskets…


Coffee Table Accessories, Candles/Candle Holders, Ceramics, Throw Rugs, Plants, Flowers, Pots, Baskets, Decorative Balls, Curtains, Clocks…

Wall Art

Paintings, Photographs, Collage, 3 Dimensional Wall Hangings, Decals, Mirrors…


Old and New Books, Bookends, Laptops, Pads and Notebooks, Paper, Pens, TVs…


Floor Lamps, Children’s Lamps, End Table Lamps…

Furniture/Accessory Monthly Rental

Accessory Monthly Rental