Portfolio XVI

Location: Germantown, NY

Even a luxurious and grand new construction can leave potential buyers feeling cold and detached. If it lacks the context of furnishings, decor and purpose, a wonderful room can be rejected. The Nest Design provided a solution to this issue by staging this property with sleek modern pieces and creating an office in a space that left viewers in question. Staging gives meaning to questionable spaces and warmth to cold empty rooms. When a buyer is in question, he or she may simply move on. We endeavor to fulfill all the potential of each room in a home so that buyers can tell, without a doubt, this is the one!

Portfolio XV

Location: Woodstock, NY

The Nest Design recently had the honor of staging this unique Arts and Crafts storybook mansion. Through a delicate balance of Traditional and Modern furnishings and accessories, we endeavored to stay true to the historic architecture of the home, while breathing new life into its walls. Uniting past and present, bringing purpose to rooms, creating flow with furniture placement , use of color, texture and rhythm was the goal with this project. We hope you enjoy the results!