Portfolio XIII

Location: Waterford, NY

This contemporary split level home in a desirable neighborhood in the Clifton Park NY area was tastefully flipped and entered the market vacant. After months with no accepted offer, the developers called in The Nest Design. We staged the home with a mix of modern and traditional furnishings and decor. The home sold soon thereafter. We have recently vamped up our inventory and can cater to any style home from rustic to transitional to sleek and simple modern. Don’t take a chance on chance! Why let your home linger on the market and possibly lose value? Staging is the alternative to lowering asking price and always costs less than that dreaded reduction. Stage it first and sell for more!

Portfolio XII

Location: Woodstock, NY

This historic Woodstock farmhouse had charm, good bones, location and every other asset that should make a home sell, yet it sat on the market for over a year. The Nest Design was called in to stage it and help re-launch the listing. We played off the historic style of the house and chose from our arsenal modern farmhouse furnishings and accessories with a lively, youthful vintage edge. The house sold in less than a week! Great realtors + great staging = sold fast!!! Here is another example that staging works!!!

Portfolio X

Location: Woodstock, NY

The Nest Design was called in to stage this classic Woodstock Tudor home with the hopes of elevating the list price.  The rooms were beautiful, yet their function eluded realtors.  Potential buyers will walk away if confused by the usage of spaces.  Only 10% of people seeing a home for sale can envision what could be.  The other 90% merely see what is.  We couldn’t leave buyers guessing!  Our job was to define the spaces using stylistically appropriate furnishings and accessories.  We incorporated our own inventory with contributions from the homeowners.  The results were astonishing.  There were multiple offers in less than a week and the home went for over list price!  Staging this vacant home sparked a 33% increase in value!

Portfolio IX

Location: Austerlitz, NY

The Nest Design had the honor of staging this new vacant home designed and built by Nicholson Blunt LLC. We partnered with local shop Classic Country in Hudson NY for furnishings and accessories. The results were astounding! Organic, Modern, Comfortable, Luxurious! The entire project was arranged and delivered in a very short time and the realtors and owner loved it!

Portfolio VIII

Location: Tivoli, NY

It is even more critical to stage a vacant home than a furnished one. Our goal in this home was to add enough home furnishings in order to give the space a warm, open and comfortable feel that gives buyers a frame of reference and fuels their imagination. How big is the room? Without furniture it’s incredibly difficult to tell the scale and size of a room. When the buyer does not have answers to their questions-they walk away.
What is this room for? Many times a buyer can’t even tell if it’s the living room or dining room in an unfurnished home. Don’t keep them guessing, because it only distracts them from considering the home as a purchase. Nine out of every ten people walking in your home have no imagination of the wonderful possibilities your home has to offer them. They just can’t picture it. Don’t let a simple thing like no furniture or limited furniture ruin your sale. Don’t take those odds; they will hurt you in the price significantly!