Portfolio V

Location: Olivebridge, NY

The Nest Design came to the rescue, aiding these homeowners in preparing their home for sale.  40 years of collecting had accumulated in this home and we packed up over 30 boxes of knick knacks.  In clearing and updating this space, we freed energy and created a flow in the house that homebuyers can get on board with the second they arrive.  The buyer’s eyes no longer get trapped in clutter, but are able to see the fine craftsmanship of the property and free to envision a new life in the home with their family and friends.

Portfolio IV

Location: Lanesville, NY

This carriage house was converted to a home in the 1950s and much of its interior had remained original.  We endeavored to transform dated, dark and lacey to moderne-cottage-vintage-chic. The home sits on a stream side, but potential buyers would never know since its only room with water views was treated as a porch and used for storage.  Many rooms were poorly lit and adorned with dark wallpaper.  With a small palette of furniture and accessories, we brightened, modernized and directed flow to the real selling point…the serene, stream side study with mountain views!

Portfolio III

Location: Oswego, NY

This 5400 square foot historic mansion (including a doctor’s office) was in dire need of staging to get the list price the owners were hoping for.  Not only did it require serious updating and cosmetic fixes, but the home needed a total organizational overhaul.  We started by painting, pulling up carpets, installing & restoring hardwood floors and replacing ceiling tile with fresh, historically inspired panels.  Then, all extra furniture and belongings were packed and stored.  After these huge tasks, we could then begin to stage.  The entire process of staging 17 rooms and 2 outdoor spaces took us only 10 days.  The transformation of this home was extreme.  Its grand elegance was restored.  The listing broker was visibly shocked when she walked through.  Our vision was realized and the results were truly jaw-dropping!

Portfolio II

Location: Woodstock, NY

This furnished home in Woodstock NY was languishing on the market.  It suffered several price reductions.  Realtors suggested to the owner to de-clutter and de-personalize.  But it was an overwhelming task to undertake alone.  However, it was a challenge that we were totally ready to undertake.  With the hard work and guidance of The Nest Design, this modern Woodstock retreat was staged inside and out in just 5 days.  The property shined like never before.  It was now ready to sell and the owner was finally fully prepared to move.  We delivered these beautiful photos to the listing agent and showings immediately increased threefold!

Portfolio I

Location: Phoenicia, NY

We staged this vacant, wonderfully maintained craftsman style home in less than a week.  It had been on the market the prior year while occupied.  It did not sell.  After it was vacated and then staged, buyers went into a bidding war and there was an accepted (cash) offer in less than 6 weeks.  Every broker and realtor who walked through the house was over-the-top with compliments and the homeowners attributed the speedy, lucrative sale to the staging!